Our Team


Jennifer Doerksen

Jennifer started as a home chef with a passion for good food and good friends. Her culinary prowess led to the creation of Bistro 234 in 2001, and to this day, she has a personal connection with her regulars. Sometimes, she peeks into the dining room and doesn’t recognize a single face among the patrons who have traveled to us — and that’s a thrilling experience, too! Bistro 234’s spirit is a reflection of Jennifer’s own, so it’s no surprise that her personal warmth has resonated and made this restaurant a local landmark.

Leroy walker

To Executive Chef LeRoy Walker, food is art. His drive and creativity can be seen clearly in Bistro 234’s thoughtfully eclectic menu. Over the past 25 years, Chef LeRoy has gleaned inspiration from skilled chefs and his own hands-on experience. His passion and attention to detail have made Bistro 234 a beacon of peerlessly flavor-forward cuisine.

Chef LeRoy is a self-professed connoisseur of intricate flavors and ingredient pairings, so every step of the process is carefully considered and planned accordingly. Patrons can taste the care that goes into every dish of his beloved and celebrated menu. You can see it in the way he works: The careful way he grates cheese onto fresh pasta, or the impeccable rims of his plates.

We owe our roots to Chef LeRoy, but he wisely shares credit with the area farmers who were willing to work with us in our earliest days. Their produce is the palette for his gorgeous creations. It’s a winning relationship that has kept the bistro booming for two decades, and it comes down to a simple formula: “good products, done right.”